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Easter bunny fat quarters

With a shop full of fabric, who could resist making Easter bunnies out of fat quarters! They’re very simple, look great and with no sewing involved, your fabric is safe for future projects.  It just takes a few simple folds, some ironing, a safety pin and string for the nose and you’re away!


make this easy bunny



See all fabrics at Brighton sewing centre

Step one – take a fat quarter – a fat quarter is a piece of fabric that measures 50cm x 55cm. Fold it in half and fold the 2 side raw edges over about 1cm and iron flat.

Step two – Fold over again and iron

Step three – Fold so you have a triangular section at the top – see photo

Step four – Flip the whole thing over

Step five – Fold the pointed edge down toward you – see photo

Step six – Flip it back over again so the point is face down. see photo. Then fold both bottom points up.

Step seven – Now you need to fold the remaining points in, toward the centre.

Step 8 – Now you pull the 2 new points toward each other and join with a safety pin.

Then you stand your bunny on the base – where the safety pin join is and adjust the ears to give character. Then make whiskers by getting 3 pieces of string that are approx. 15cm long each and tying a knot in the centre. Then put a pin through the knot and into the front of the fabric.

Then make more, they look good as a gang!


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